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Women Sizes- US to India conversion (add 1 to India size)


If you are in India, Call us at 09971088729 and tell us your Size, Model, Preferred Color, Width and your Address and how soon you want it. We'll try to get your exact model or a good alternative.

Delivery currently takes 1-2 weeks as these shoes are imported. So please bear with us till then. We collect payment in advance and there are no returns.

Size: US to India Shoe Size Conversion

India and UK sizes of shoes are the same. Be aware- if you are ordering US sizes, the same shoe will have 1 size bigger so you just need to add 1 to your India size for men (and 2 for women). So if your India size is 8, your US size for the exact same shoe will be 9 for men and 10 for women. Please refer to the chart below for a India toUS conversion. Most shoes are standard width D. If you have extra wide feet, you should ask for width EE (or 2E) or 4E which is the widest. If you feet are narrower than normal, consider width B.

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