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Brooks shoes are regularly voted Best Running Shoe the world over by serious runner's magazine and athletes, especially in the Stability and Motion Control categories.Here are some testimonials that give you an idea of the loyalty of its customers over many years

Brooks Adrenaline Reviews

"The GTS has been my only running shoe for several years. Finding the GTS after trying nearly a dozen running shoes was a dream come true. They are a good mix of support and cushion and they've lasted me years."

"I wear the Brooks Adrenaline at work where I have to stand 8 hours. The shoes do not make my feet sweat or feel tied up. They are very well cushioned and provide great support to my feet."

Brooks Addiction Reviews

"I have been using the Brooks Addiction for over 10 years and always bought a pair when I travelled to the US as these were never available in India. I am glad these shoes are now going to be available in India.  I am overweight, 90kgs, flat footed and overpronate. These shoes also came in a Wide fitting  (2E) letting my broad feet fit comfortably. The support for the arch and flat sole of the shoe inspires confidence while walking or running. I've tried Asics, Nike and Adidas Motion control shoes but those are just generic shoes in my opinion and never really felt solid. It is worth it to spend a few extra thousand Rupees to get a specialized shoe from a company that is solely focused on running shoes."

Brooks Beast Reviews

"I was experiencing very strong foot and shin pain and had to give up running on the treadmill and even on softground. After 5 minutes the pain would become severe. A podiatrist revealed that I had a severe case of OverPronation which caused strain on my ankle, shin and even back. His prescription was to get custom orthotics but I hate wearing insoles inside my shoes as it doesn't feel natural. He then recommended a motion control shoe as an alternative to orthotics.

After researching online I discovered the good motion control shoes were not available in India.  I asked my relative in Singapore to get me one and the specialist shoe shop there convinced him to get the Beast. I should say that the Brooks Beast running shoes have completely eliminated my pain and I regularly participate in 5K and 10K runs. I can tell you that they are by far the best shoes I've ever owned and great for India with all its potholes and uneven roads. I probably would have suffered an ankle sprain when my foot slips into a pot hole but with these rock solid support my feet feels firm.

If you value your feet, and especially if you have foot pain because of flat feet or overpronation of the ankle you REALLY need to invest in a good pair like the BEAST. It might just change your life"

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